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Inspection Services

Our goal is to add value and peace-of-mind to the building programs that can’t be surpassed by any other inspection company.

At the heart of HBI services is the discipline of supportive compliance with Approved Plans, Project Specifications, and applicable Codes. We are certified to inspect Federal, State, and City projects of all types of construction, (i.e. Type I, II, III, IV & V) and in diverse construction delivery methods such as Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Lease-lease Back, Construction Manager at Risk, and Multiple Prime Contracts.

Division of the State Architect

HBI Inspections is a well-respected DSA inspection consultant firm. We understand good people make the difference, the experience and talent of our team are suited for any needs your district may have. We have an excellent rapport with the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and all governing agencies, allowing for timely project approvals. The HBI Inspection’s team has completed many multi-million-dollar closed out projects within the K-12 and higher educational community college districts.

Public Works Inspections

Unlike many other inspection firms, HBI Inspections has extensive experience with large-scale public works projects with various licensing requirements. HBI Inspection has been honored to work with such clients, in mix-use projects and city park projects. Working closely with city engineers, planners, and management teams is the strength of our service. Our staff of highly qualified and diversely licensed inspectors is able to take on projects of all sizes and ensure that every item on the project’s scope of work is completed in compliance with approved plans, city standard details, specifications, and applicable codes. Each HBI inspector works to ensure a safe occupancy, on schedule and within the project budget.

OSHPD Inspections

OSHPD (Office of State Hospital Planning and Development) HBI Inspections is well-known in the construction industry for providing highly qualified inspectors with extensive experience in OSHPD construction, particularly hospital construction projects. Each of our certified inspectors is not only OSHPD certified but also carries multiple additional licenses such as ICC, AWS, DSA, and others. Our OSHPD inspection team is carefully selected in order to assign individuals that understand the goals of the client, that can share the client’s vision, and that has the experience to successfully oversee the project’s documents, progress, and budget.

In-Plant & Relocatable Construction Inspection Service

H.B.I. Inspections provides state inspection services for the manufacturing of relocatable buildings and In-Plant-Cooler inspections.  Manufacturing sites require a different type of protocol regarding inspections. Often, construction managers dread the inspection of relocatable construction due to the different procedures required for DSA certification. Our services are designed to help make sure our clients are compliant with the closeout process.

Solar Inspections

Solar systems can be utilized on a school site, commercial and or industrial buildings, a thorough inspection must be maintained throughout the construction process. An inspection ensures the structural integrity (parking lot canopies, rooftops), ADA parking is not compromised, and the materials are per required specification and plans for the required kW output of the system. Inspections are critical for ensuring that all state and federal mandates are being followed prior to the use of solar systems. At H.B.I Inspections, we specialize in delivering comprehensive solar system inspections, that comply with all code requirements. You can count on us to ensuring you are getting what you are paying for, and to continue the proper kW output for many years to come.


The Certified Access Specialist (CASp) program was created by Senate Bill 262 (Chapter 872, 2003) and designed to meet the public’s need for trained, and tested individuals who can inspect buildings and site conditions for compliance with applicable state and federal construction-related accessibility standards. We have certified CASp Inspectors whose goal is to provide ADA compliance for the public accessibility program. We provide site evaluations, inspections, and issue certified reports on all projects we are assigned. This helps minimize the client’s overall exposure to ADA lawsuits which has become prevalent within the past several years.

Project Close-out & Certification

HBI Inspections values the closeout process and understands Closeout begins when the Project starts. Upon the final inspection for the punch list items and approval by the client’s construction manager (CM), Architect of Record (AOR) and their consultants, our inspector issues a final report on DSA Form-6 (final verified report). Filing of all closeout documents expedites a quick occupancy and the plan review process for our client’s future projects with the DSA office. We also offer Old Project Close-out which helps reduce the backlog of older projects that were not properly closed out. This helps minimize delays on future projects and reduces the exposure for the District and Board Members.

Hazardous Material Inspection and Lab Testing

Hazardous Material Certification – To separate ourselves from other inspection companies and bring additional true value to our clients, we are certified in environmental hazard materials that include; Recognition, Evaluation, and material extraction for analytical lab testing. Protection and Proper Handling of such Hazardous Materials is a requirement for certification. This certification / experience is a true asset in recognizing materials that may be hazardous during renovation and replacement projects, on small DSA projects and Non-DSA projects. Reducing liability for our clients is our number one goal.

Training - Improving the Inspector’s Performance

HBI Inspection training facilities have been established since 2010. Today the facilities include large and modern classrooms, for up-to-date code changes, DSA requirements, training, and certification in specialized areas of solar and hazardous materials. We continuously work on setting up new courses and training to meet the demands of the industry.

Our training moves beyond inspection theory, with an additional focus on all levels of management, and giving the inspector valuable real-world insights. The project inspector being a key team member that has a clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the Architect, Construction Manager, and Contractor brings true value to our clients. Our high-quality consistent training and development promote a well-rounded professional inspector at every level for your organization.

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