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Municipality Inspection Services

Our goal is to add value and a peace-of-mind to the District’s building programs that can’t be surpassed by any other inspection company.

At the heart of HBI services is the discipline of supportive compliance with Approved Plans, the Project Specifications, and the applicable Codes. All HBI Project Inspections must follow the Scope of Services and procedures required by DSA, under its Codes, IR A-7 and A-8, under Title 24, Part 1, Inspector Certification & Approval, Inspector Duties, and Performance. HBI share in responsibilities to teach all players involved that your school construction must meet the given standards and procedures. HBI PIs work proactively among your contractors and subcontractors to promote the project completion, on time and on budget. The best DSA Project Inspectors function as Advocates, not as Adversaries.


Our Inspectors focus, from each job start, on attaining DSA Project Closeout.

Professional Oversights

Once chosen, we carefully review your Facilities, Plans, and will develop a full working knowledge of all required documentation.

Training & Updating

We are dedicated to keeping our PIs up-to-date and in compliance with all relevant Code requirements.

New DSA Job-Card and “Cloud” Procedures

We have attended the 2013 DSA workshops, and have added links for the new “Guidelines for Completion of Project Inspector’s Semi-Monthly Report for
School Construction Projects,”

Safety & Training

Safety is our number one goal on all projects. We carry a good record, not only for our own inspectors but for the trade people on the project.

Solar System Certification

This certification is extremely beneficial to our district clients, as this insures a trained expert will oversee your investment, as only a certified inspector can.

Special Offer


Mr. Holmes’s inspection knowledge, communication skills and ability to work closely with team members to achieve the project goals made H.B.I. an asset to the team.

Ken Agharokh AIA / LAUSD

Mr. Holmes’s commitment is valued, working with all construction team members and DSA closeout. Mr. Holmes proactive skills, staying ahead of the project, and his knowledge of code, construction, and DSA were an asset to the success of our project.

Ontario-Montclair School District

Mr. Holmes has successfully completed over 15 projects for the district without any problems, ensuring that the district projects are completed per plans and specifications. His interaction with the contractors and subcontractors has been respectful and professional. His documentation for DSA and architects has enabled successful closeout of completed projects.

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